Sunday, August 16, 2009

And The Winner Is . . . .

I want to start by saying thank you to all who entered! I appreciate your interest and feedback! There was definitely a theme for people wanting to see more vermin in addition to raccoons, badgers, skunks, hedgehogs, and squirrels! Funny, because I've been wanting to do all of these! They will be slowly making their way into my shop - it'll take time as I haven't drafted any patterns yet. And unless Claire the octopus sells in the next 2 days, she'll be getting a zombified makeover! 'Cause, yeah. She doesn't fit my shop theme.
My son had the honors of picking the winner.

All the entries! Yes, the dumb flash washed them out. Grrrrrr.

Folded and into the mixing bowl!!!

See how professional Ayden is? He's looking away to make sure it's all fair! (actually, he's watching Wonder Pets)

Hamming it up for mom!

This one! Got it!

Read it! Read it!!

That's right! Silly Little Lady is the winner! Check your convo gal!

Again, thank you so much to all who entered. I really do appreciate you taking the time! And don't worry - I'll be having more giveaways! The next one will be in September! (if I'm able, I'm going to try and give away a rat every month!)

Thank you again!


SillyLittleLady said...

Wonderful! Thank you so much, I feel so lucky :)

MAB Jewelry said...

Congrats to you. It was a great rat!