Friday, August 7, 2009

Feature Friday: Gub Factory

I'm going to be starting a Feature Friday where I feature other Etsy sellers! Yay! (I'll feature sellers other days too, but I figured having a set day would be rather nice).

My first featured seller is gubfactory. Gub Factory makes all kinds of cute plush, like this ninja throwing pea:
Now, who the heck doesn't need a ninja pea to throw at people?! I know I do. And I can think of several people to throw it at . . .
And an emo crow! Look, he's all sad and burdened by highschool drama . . .

And a vampire tomato!!! Yes, you heard me right. A VAMPIRE tomato! I vant to suck your . . .um . . . tomatoey goodness? NO! Ketchup! I vant to suck your ketchup! (spoken with a creepy transylvanian accent)
So, you need to check out gubfactory! You'll be happy you did!


Bonzai Beadwear said...

love the crow, so cute!

Kate8085 said...

hahahaha. I absolutely love the tomato..oh, the irony!!!
Awesome feature!!

gubfactory said...

Thanks for profiling me!!