Friday, August 21, 2009

Feature Friday: Weird Bug Lady

This Friday's featured shop is the Weird Bug Lady! I can't say enough about this shop! If you love bugs, this is the place for you! Her shop is very unique and offers the most amazing invertebrates. She specializes in plush soft-sculpture (which you have to see to believe) and beautiful artwork done in sharpie markers.

This Giraffe Weevil is simply stunning. She designs these critters herself and they're nothing short of spectacular.

The dung beetle is my favorite! It comes with it's own ball of dung! How awesome is that?! Everyone needs a dung beetle!

June bug sharpie drawing! Love the colors!

Katydid sharpie drawing.

Be sure to check out her shop! And you can see her awesome blog as well!

Weird Bug Lady rocks!


Kate8085 said...

She DOES said "it comes with its own dung" hahaha.
I love it.

Anonymous said...

haaa haaa these are freaking awesome!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haaa haaa these are freaking awesome!!!!!!!

cabin + cub said...

wow.. she has made creepy crawlies really cute! :)


Your shop is cool! Found you in the forums! Have a great weekend!


MAB Jewelry said...

Weird Bug Lady rocks, and her stuff is amazing. Great pick.