Monday, August 3, 2009

My Very Icky Dog :)

My dog Zan is quite icky. What makes her icky you ask? Lots of things! For one, she smells like doritos. If you're a dog owner, you know that smell. Really. Smell your dog's feet. Doritos. Or fritos. The difference with Zan is that I swear her whole body smells like that. It's her aura or something. When she was a pup, she had an extra toe on each hind foot. And each extra toe had 2 claws. The claws looked like spider fangs. Icky. And she thinks she's a cat. She'll arch her back and rub up against you, and she licks her paws and uses them to 'clean' her face. Icky.

Here she is looking especially icky! Aaawwwww, you can see her inner eyelid!

We've had her since she was 8 weeks old! She's 6 now and starting to show her age. Though she still acts like a pup. LOVES playing with my son (who's 2 1/2). It's pretty funny. She'll respond to 'Zan', 'icky', 'queen ick', 'icky dog', and 'squishy'. And my son Ayden calls her 'icky' as well!
So, when we got Zan, the lady told us she was a sheltie/boston terrier mix. She was very weird and wouldn't let us come to her house. We had to meet her in a Dennys parking lot. Just very odd. Looking at her, I can definitely see the boston terrier coloring, and she has a long snout and tail like a sheltie. But I've never been convinced. I think she looks like a rat terrier. AND, if you read about a rat terrier's temprament, it's Zan to a 't'. I joke with Jeremy (my hubby) that it's a conspiracy and Zan ia truly a rat terrier. So, look at Zan:

And then look at this picture of a rat terrier:

Okay, here's Zan again:

And a rat terrier:

See?! Conspiracy!
I've actually been thinking about doing DNA testing on her. It's really not that expensive. I'm curious to see what all of you think. Mutt? Or rat terrier?
Either way, she's my baby girl! (and the namesake of my etsy shop!)


kiddlebug said...

I always thought my dog's paws smelled like taco chips too, but was never validated...until now. :)

Barbara said...

Hey, if she smells like doritos than it is a good smell!!
Better than cabbage or tuna fish or gorgonzola...

bluedogrose said...

She's really cute regardless of her dna :)