Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Broncos Training Camp

I LOVE football, and I'm a big fan of the Denver Broncos. Yesterday, my hubby Jeremy took the day off and we went up to Denver to the Broncos training camp! Fun!

Ayden looks like he's doing magic! The whole drive up to Denver he kept saying "watch Broncos play football!".

Brandon Marshal! Yay! One of our few decent players!

The new QB Kyle Orton. He looked pretty bad in our first pre-season game (throwing 3 interceptions), but I'll give him a chance. New QB, new coach, there's been a lot of changes to the roster.
Ooooo, action shot!!

Ayden took this picture! It looks, um, naughty. No butt patting here! We grab each other's junk!
I'll cheer on my donkeys even if they have a terrible season!

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Kate8085 said...

Sorry, I couldn't help it. hahahahaa.
Looks like an awesome time, even with all the junk holding.